Forma’t al Port

The Forma’t al Port project was launched on the 25th of March in Barcelona by the Port Authority of Barcelona, the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping, the BCN Foundation for Professional Training and the Barcelona Catalonia Logistics Center.

The idea behind the project is to ensure that the logistics community in Barcelona is well prepared, capable of facing future challenges and to strategically place Barcelona and Catalonia at the forefront of logistics activities in Europe and the world. Aside from this, the project’s goal is to cement the communities’ lifelong commitment to training.The training will focus on providing extensive knowledge on the logistics industry, with a particular focus on the martime sector.


The objectives of Forma’t al Port are to ensure that students of International Business and Transportation and Logistics training centers in Barcelona and El Prat de Llobregat discover firsthand the Port of Barcelona, ​​its infrastructures, facilities and logistics operations; to provide companies with a space to present the characteristics of their businesses and professional profiles they need to develop properly; to cooperate in creating a framework for dialogue and exchanges between logistics companies and training centers, therewith encouraging the development of the sector; to contribute to the alignment of the training needs of companies with curricula designed and taught at training centers; to encourage companies to hire students in dual training; and to provide students with the tools and knowledge needed to quantify the environmental impact of transport operations, while familiarizing them with the policy of the European Union on sustainable logistics in Europe.

The Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping will be in charge of the contents of the training, and has already developed the course calendar and arranged the technical specifications of the courses.


The partners involved in Forma’t al Port project are:

  •  Port Authority of Barcelona
  • Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping
  • BCN Foundation for Professional Training
  • Barcelona Catalonia Logistics Center BCL


The project is financed by the Escola and the project’s partners.