Course Objectives

  • To provide training in temperature controlled logistics
  • To show port and warehouse operations, equipment, vessel and terminal facilities in detail and from a practical perspective
  • To offer deep insights into temperature controlled logistics, its actors, roles, market segmentation and trends
  • To foster critical thinking when calculating and analysing costs in logistics operations


  • Promoting the concept of co-modality as a tool to improve transport management.
  • Providing training and information to people who will manage and make decisions in cold logistics chain.

Participant profile

Professionals dedicated to the transport, manufacturing export and distribution of temperature controlled freight/ perishable products and logistics and transport students.


English/ Spanish




4 days

Price per participant

  • 700€
  • Special discount for Escola alumni and collaborators: 550€



  • Types of cargo and packaging
  • International regulations
  • Insurances and risk management
  • Equipment and temperature control systems
  • Border Inspection Ports: functions and management
  • Port facilities
  • Transport services
  • Railway Traffic – Canal Frio
  • Documentation
  • Navigation monitoring and control systems


  • Management of Port Terminals and Ship Loading Operations
  • Visit to a container terminal: BEST
  • Visit to Port facilities:
    • Border Inspection Post
    • Equipment depot
  • Visit to central food market

Draft Programme

Monday, 6 of May 2019

15:00 Welcome at the Escola Europea

15:15 Course presentation

15:30 Temperature control Transport

17:00 Networking coffee-break

17:30  Types of cargo and packaging

18:30 Equipment and temperature control systems/ Best practices on reefer cargo consolidation

20:00 End of the day

Tuesday, 7 of May 2019

09:00 Meeting point at Escola

09:30 Border Inspection Ports: functions and management

10:30 Visit to Border Inspection Post

11:00 Visit to container terminal: BEST:

Lecture: Port facilities for controlled temperature equipment

13:30 Lunch break

15:00 International regulations for perishable products

17:00 Inspections and quality systems

18:30 End of the day

Wednesday, 8 of May 2019

09:00 Meeting point at Escola

09:30 Visit to central food market

10:30 Stowing Operations in a Ro-Pax Vessel

Lecture: Cennection systems with RORO vessels

12:00 : Visit a Container depot

13:30 Lunch break

15:00  Regular transport services w/ Mac Andrews

17:00  Railway traffic  – Canal Frio

18:30 End of the day

Thursday, 9 of May 2019

09:00 Reefermarket ( what’s being build, market needs)

10:30 Controlled Atmosphere & Navigation monitoring technologies

11:00 Networking coffee-break

11:30 Designing Sustainable Cold Chains for Long-Range

Food Distribution

13:30 Lunch break

15:00 Insurance & Claims : Case of study , examples

17:00 Closing ceremony

End of the course



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