Course objectives

  • To provide training in intermodal transport and logistics
  • To show port operations, vessel’s and terminals facilities in detail and from a practical perspective
  • To offer deep insight to maritime logistics, its actors, roles and market segmentation and trends
  • To foster critical thinking when calculating and analyzing costs in logistics operations


  • Promoting the concept of co-modality as a tool for improvement in transport management.
  • Providing training and information to people who will manage and make decisions in logistics chain where the motorways of the sea can be used as a viable alternative for service, cost or time.
  • Spreading the EU environmental policy on the carriage of goods in relation to the use and operation of infrastructure, equipment and transportation.

Participant profile

Engineering, transport and logistics management students.


18-22 February 2019




English / Italian


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Registrations open until 14 February 2019.


Theoretical lectures carried out by academic and professional experts from the industry.


Visits and workshops around the port of Barcelona to experience the logistics operations first-hand.


Specific networking activitities, alongside collaborative group case studies.

Draft programme

Monday, 18/02/2019
08:45 Welcome at the Escola Europea – Aula Drassanes
09:00 Opening Ceremony
09:45 Funtraders workshop – International Trade
11:45 Break
12:15 Keys in international trade and transportation– X. Lluch
13:30 Presentation of the 1st part of the Case Study – X. Lluch
14:00 Lunch break (not included)
15:00 Group work
15:30 Solution of the 1st part of the case study – X. Lluch
16:00 Terminal Management – C. Rúa
17:00 Intermodal Logistics and Motorways of the Sea R. Nunes
18:00 End of the day
Tuesday, 19/02/2019
08:45 Meeting point at Escola Europea
09:00 Maritime visit of the Port of Barcelona –  M. Miquel
10:15 Competitive cost analysis – X. Lluch
11:30 Presentation of the 2nd part of the case study & Group Work – X. Lluch
12:00 Break / case study
12:30 Technologies in Transport and Innovation. Port Community Systems E. Rodés
14:00 Lunch break (not included)
15:00 External Marginal Costs Calculations – E. Rodés
16:00 Group Work
18:00 End of the day
Wednesday, 20/02/2019
08:30 Meeting point & transfer
09:00 Visit to the container terminal BEST BEST
11:00 Break / Group work
12:00 Workshop. Group presentations – Analysis of results – Debate of Case Study nº1 – Teachers panel
14:00 Lunch break (not included)
15:30 Incoterms and custom procedures &  workshop: incoterms – X. Lluch
18:00 End of the day
Thursday, 21/02/2019
09:00 Presentation of the Case Study: International Trade & Incoterms  – X. Lluch
14:00 Lunch break (not included)
15:00 Assisted group work
18:00 End of the day
Friday, 22/02/2019
09:00 Assisted group work
13:00 Lunch break (not included)
14:00 Group presentations – Analysis of results – Debate & SWOT Analysis Teachers panel
15:30 Closing ceremony



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