• 2017

    ★ Start of the TransLogMED project

    Achievement: 10,000 students and 250 courses completed

  • 2016

    ★ 10th anniversary since its foundation

    A special edition ODISEO book was produced in honour of the event. The book can be downloaded HERE.

    Achievements: 200 courses, 8.000 participants, 9 projects

  • 2015

    ★ 1st edition of Forma’t al Port course

    ★ The Escola gives a course for Brazilian government officials focusing on SSS in Brazil, funded by the World Bank

  • 2014

    ★ Escola de Sagres Award from the Shortsea Promotion Centre Portugal

  • 2013

    ★ 1st courses without any external funding

    ★ Participation in the TEN-T projects CLYMA (as Project Office) and B2MoS

    ★ Participation in the Optimed project (ENPI programme) to foster the relationship with the South Mediterranean neighbouring countries

    ★ Shortsea Ambassador Award from SPC Flanders

  • 2012

    ★ 1st courses in intermodal rail transport in Portugal (SURCO Inaugural)

    ★ Shortsea Initiative Trophy from BP2S (SPC France)

    Achievement: 100 courses and 5.000 participants

  • 2011

    ★ Participation in the TEN-T project MOS4MOS that focused on new technologies in MoS MOS4MOS ★ Leader of the LIFE – Logistics Intermodal Freight Enhancement project
    ★ 1st course LIFE MOS Gloss course focusing on a study of SSS in Mexico
    ★ 1st issue of the ODISEO newsletter

    Achievement: more than 1.000 participants in one year!

  • 2010

    ★ 1st edition of the MOST Europe course for European professionals and policy-makers

    ★ 1st course on intermodal rail transport on board of the school train El Expreso de la Robla (built under GLAD project)

  • 2009

    ★ 1st edition of MEDAMOS course

    ★ 1st courses in intermodal rail transport in Spain (SURCO)

    Achievement: 50 courses

  • 2008

    ★ Participation in the project about new technologies and comodality: COMODALWEB (funded by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport)

    ★ Leader of the GLAD training project. The GLAD project included an environmental approach and new railway courses

    Achievement: 1.000 participants in the courses

  • 2007

    ★ PETRA second prize from the Spanish Ministry of Development for the Best Business Experiences

    ★ 1st edition of WEST-MOS courses

    ★ 1st edition of Medcruise courses

  • 2006

    ★ The Escola is created in the shape and form it has today

    ★ Common Learning Actions project funded by Marco Polo Programme

    ★ The website www.2e3s.eu is launched

    ★ Award from El Vigía newspaper for the Best Logistics Initiatives of the year

    ★ 1st Arete – Excellence awarded by the Escola to the vessel Eurostar Barcelona

  • 2005

    ★ 2nd course for professionals

    ★ 1st course for students

  • 2004

    ★ 1st promotional course for professionals organised by the Port of Barcelona SAC department